Exceeding Expectations

Many real estate companies will lead off with loud claims that title themselves as the very best in the area—we prefer to speak softly and carry a big success record. One of the reasons why we have been able to help so many people achieve their top real estate goals is because we have built our business around the needs of the local community instead of creating a business plan based on our company’s profit margins.

It’s frustrating for us to learn of home buyers and sellers we could have helped avoid disaster, and one of the most prevalent wrongs throughout the real estate industry is when customers are treated like anonymous price tags, forced to suffer through bare-minimum assistance and support with little attention to their specific needs. We’re committed to fighting this inadequacy that plagues the industry by providing our clients with world-class service at all times, making ourselves readily available to address all your important questions and concerns, aggressively pursuing your top goals with vigor and genuine care.

Only realtors who possess all of the attributes and abilities we’ve deemed critical for the consistent sale and purchase success of our clients secure a spot on our team. While our foundation of over 10 years of highly dedicated real estate experience represents a significant part of our client-success equation, it is our commitment to employing a comprehensive combination of traditional and innovative sales and marketing methods that powers our ability to continuously pull away from the competition.

The real estate experts of Hornburg Real Estate Group tirelessly tune in to market trends to help clients discover dream homes and investments, and fearlessly step up to the most challenging luxury real estate prospects in order to insure a level of value that consistently exceeds expectations.

Why choose us?

Whether you’re selling a sprawling ranch in Johnson County, looking for your first condo in the Tower, or trading up to a sophisticated townhome in Uptown, your agent will give you the respect you deserve and put your needs first.

People-Centered Approach
Our full-service, thoughtful and knowledgeable real estate agents are focused on making certain your experience with us is fruitful, satisfying…and perfectly matched to you. With us, it’s never about the sale; it’s about the people.

Advanced Technology
We keep up with today’s rapidly changing technology to ensure our agents always have the most powerful and effective industry tools and resources at their disposal.

Five-Star Service
We’re not afraid of a little elbow grease, and it shows. From our spectacular home stagings for sellers, to our complimentary “market education” tours for buyers, we provide many valuable services that other companies don’t. Put simply, we make your life a whole lot easier.



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